DAEMON Tools Pro Crack+License Key Download Free

DAEMON Tools Pro Crack+License Key Download Free

DAEMON Tools Pro Crack Download Full Free

DAEMON Tools Pro is an advanced program for multimedia emulation and disk imaging that features a rich and intuitive collection of features. DAEMON Tools Pro is the best product for the emulation of optical media. With this program, you can create disk images or edit existing ones with a simple tool: the Image Editor. You can run Image Editor from DAEMON Tools Pro or open a disk image to edit directly from Microsoft Windows Explorer. The image editor provides all modern recording features. It is embedded in DAEMON Tools Pro, so there is no need for other recording software. DAEMON Tools Pro 8 also lets you burn files, master boot disks or save projects created in image files for later installation. Extract the selected image files without mounting the disk image. Record your favorite music on CD audio discs. The most popular MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAC formats are supported. This mainly collects user statistics on all the ISO devices that it mounts in the software, such as the image script, the name of the image file, the disk label, the number of assembly events and sends it to Mountspace to start the session. It was also rumored that it also sent IP addresses, but it was strongly denied. Although it has now been clarified, it was clear that there was no information about this at the time of Daemon Tools or the Mountspace Privacy Policy, which was unacceptable in the eyes of many people.


  • Make a compressed disk image or divide the image into several files.
  • Create VHD images with dynamic growth or fixed size.
  • Protect images with password.
  • Mount images with a double click or adjust the selected virtual device before mounting
    Create or edit images with powerful image editors.
  • Record images formed on media discs.
  • Stable discs or images.
  • Manage your image collection.
  • Mount MDX, MDS, ISO, B5T, B6T, BWT, CCD, CDI, BIN / CUE, NRG, and other images.
  • Create ISO, MSD / MDF and MDX images from CD, DVD, and Blu-ray optical discs.

Daemon Tools Tutorial

To start you need:
Program installation CD / DVD, or the image file (identical copy) on the CD, often with the ISO extension.

The computer where the program will be installed.

External support (USB memory, hard drive, SD card …), where to copy the image to the CD / DVD.

If necessary, a second computer to create a CD image file.

Copy installation files:

Sometimes it is easy to copy and paste the CD into its external environment.

Copy the contents of the CD / DVD to an external media (USB memory, SD card …).

Copy the files to the computer where you are installing the software.

Start the installation file, often called Install.exe, Setup.exe or Autorun.exe.

If this method does not work, read on.
Create an ISO file:
If you already have your ISO file, go to the next chapter.

Virtualization of multimedia devices.

  • Emulate up to 32 DT and SCSI devices in all.
  • Use 4 virtual IDE devices (2 in Windows 8)
  • Create up to 16 virtual hard drives.
  • Mount images on physical IDE / SATA devices through advanced attachment functionality.
  • Mount the image in the local NTFS folders.
  • Get detailed information about the properties of physical and virtual devices.
  • Customize virtual devices: change a writing letter, DVD region, etc. Advanced user interface with powerful system integration.
  • Customize the main application and the user interface of the image editor.
  • Use powerful command-line interfaces for automation purposes.
  • Enable the DAEMON Tools integration to the Windows shell

Game Space

  • virtual disk usage statistical online service
  • Get more information relevant to discs in your image collection
  • Stay tuned: read game news and reviews published daily
  • Browse for gameplay videos, screenshots, and recommendations
  • Find out top rated and most played games
  • Find disc images and more

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 256MB
  • CPU: 500MHz Or Above.
  • Hard Disk: 30MB Space.
  • OS: Windows 7\8\10\XP and Windows Vista.


Compatibility with this device emulator software may vary but usually works well in Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP in a 32 or 64-bit configuration.


  • Quick Install
  • informative
  • Many formats


  • To do several things at a time
  • Something slow

What is new:

  • Fill the image directory automatically.
  • Check the adaptive design 4K
  • Only for Windows 7 and later!
  • Corrected errors
  • Less error

How To Install DAEMON

  • The first step is to download the latest version.
  • The second phase installs it in your computer system.
  • Then download it from the given button.
  • Open the latest version of the files.
  • Now copy the key and paste it in the update option.
  • After that, you have to open it.
  • Everything is clear that you can use it.
  • Enjoy the latest version of DAEMON Tools that is enabled for free.

DAEMON Tools Pro Crack


DAEMON Tools Pro License Key


4K Video Downloader 4.7.3 Crack With License Key Free Download

4K Video Downloader 4.7.3 Crack With License Key Free Download


4K Video Downloader 4.7.3 Crack With License Key Free Download

4K Video Downloader allows you to download YouTube video, audio and subtitles in high quality and as fast as your computer and the 4K Video Downloader 4 connection allow. If you want that video on your iPad, iPhone or other devices, we have it covered. The download is simple and direct.4K Video Downloader makes it easy to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and other popular video sharing sites. To begin, simply copy the URL of your target video to the clipboard, click “Paste URL” in 4K Video Downloader, and the program will ask you exactly what you want to download. You will probably be able to specify the quality and format of the video that you would like to download; there is an option to record only the audio (so you have an MP3 file); You can download subtitles and, of course, you can choose the destination folder and the file name. We like this level of choice, but if it seems too much work, just click on the Smart Mode button. Check “Enable Smart Mode”, choose the video format, resolution and destination directory you prefer, and in the future, 4K Video Downloader will capture your videos as soon as you click “Paste URL”.As the videos are downloaded, your details will appear in the program window. Double-clicking on these will start the clip in your default video player, and right-clicking reveals other options: you can pause and resume all current downloads, for example, or easily share a video link through of Twitter or Facebook. And so, although there are many similar tools, 4K Video Downloader has some nice touches. If you have not yet found a video downloader that you like, we’ll give it a try. Note that the program will install a browser toolbar by default. If this is not what you want, observe that step during configuration, choose the Custom installation option and uncheck the corresponding boxes.


  • Download full playlists and YouTube channels and save them in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3G, generate a .m3u file for playlists.
  • Download videos in HD 1080p, HD 720p or 4K quality and enjoy high-dimensional videos on your HD TV, iPad or other devices.
  • Download advanced subtitles, select if you want to have a .srt file or subtitles embedded in a video file to view it on your Mac, for example.
  • Activate the “Smart Mode” to apply the selected configuration to all your downloads, easily and quickly.
  • After downloading the video in 3D format, you will find a small special icon among the available formats after the video analysis. It is really
  • impressive to see live shows and 3D cartoons.
  • Download embedded YouTube videos from any web page, just copy/paste the link and the program will find the download source.
  • Download videos and audio from Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, and DailyMotion.
  • Use 4K Video Downloader on your PC, Mac or Linux, no matter which operating system you prefer.
  • Download audio and video from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.
  • Quick downloads.
  • Download YouTube channels and full playlists.


  • Download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more.
  • fast and easy to use.
  • Free.
  • Ability to extract audio tracks.
  • Various formats of video and audio output files.
  • You can adjust the quality of the output file.
  • Integration with many popular services.
  • Ability to download high definition videos up to 4K.
  • Additional payment function to download content from YouTube channels.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Automatic (intelligent) operation mode.
  • Internet speed control.
  • Cooperation with third-party proxy servers.


  • Download speeds depend on your internet connection.

Download videos Fastly:

  • The handling of 4k Video Downloader is simple.
  • Copy the video address and use the ‘Paste URL’ dialog that can be found in the program interface to paste it.
  • 4K Video Downloader will analyze the link and offer you the possibility to choose between different qualities and formats to download.
  • You can see a list with all the downloaded videos, different information, such as size and format, and you can play them automatically with the software that is configured as the system default.
  • Download 4k Video Downloader for free, one of the easiest and fastest options to download YouTube videos.

How to uninstall 4K Video Downloader:

Do you need to uninstall 4K Video Downloader to solve some problems? Are you looking for an effective solution to uninstall it completely and completely remove all your files from your PC? Do not worry! This page provides detailed instructions on how to completely uninstall 4K Video Downloader.

How to Uninstall 4K Video Downloader Completely:

Step 1: uninstall 4K Video Downloader through programs and features.
Step 2: Uninstall 4K Video Downloader with its uninstaller.exe.
Step 3: Uninstall 4K Video Downloader through System Restore.
Step 4: Uninstall 4K Video Downloader with Antivirus.
Step 5: Reinstall 4K Video Downloader to uninstall.
Step 6: Use the uninstall command that is displayed in the registry.
Step 7: Uninstall 4K Video Downloader with a third-party Uninstaller.

How to Download an Entire Playlist:

  • Using 4K Video Downloader is very easy to use.
  • You can download a complete playlist by following these simple steps.
  • First, select the YouTube video you want to download.
  • Once it does, copy the full URL of the chosen video (you can select it and press CTRL + C).
  • Make sure you have 4K Video Downloader enabled in the background.
  • Now, open the application, which should automatically recognize the URL that you copied.
  • Click on the ‘Paste link’ button in the upper left corner to start the procedure.
  • After a few moments, you will be presented with a series of options.
  • You can choose to download the video or simply extract its audio.
  • Depending on what you select, you must choose the preferred format on the left side of the screen.
  • In case your video is part of a playlist, press ‘Download playlist’ to download the full playlist.
  • And finally, choose the resolution. You can get up to 8K.
  • Also, do not forget to choose where to save the file once it is downloaded.
  • Once you are satisfied with the chosen configuration, confirm your decision.
  • This is where you will be taken to the home screen of the 4K Video Downloader, where you can follow the progress of the download.

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360 Total Security 10.6.0 Crack Plus License Key Full 2019

360 Total Security 10.6.0 Crack Plus License Key Full 2019


360 Total Security 10.6.0 Crack Plus License Key Full 2019

360 Total Security gives you superior anti-malware protection against viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, backdoors, spyware, etc. It represents a multi-engine product that includes five engines: Avira, BitDefender, 360 Cloud Engine, QVMII. This means that your protection is close to 100%, because it is almost impossible for all engines to ignore viruses. The interface is organized in several sections: Start, Virus analysis, Acceleration, Cleaning, Protection, Toolbox. Even if they call it Total Protection, it does not offer what you expect from a security suite. Lacks a firewall, parental control, backup or behavioral scanner. However, the multi-engine scanner tries to compensate. Speedup identifies and reduces unnecessary startup programs and background tasks, which makes your computer faster. The cleaning section deals with an important aspect that slows down the computer: the accumulation of junk and temporary files. Actually, protection represents the core of this security program and lists the shields available to you, including: webcam protection, keylogger protection, online shopping protection, USB device protection, antivirus, etc.ToolBox takes care of Windows updates and notifies you if you have omitted them and what is an important and very useful feature is the Sandbox. Thanks to this, you can run virtually any program without the risk of becoming infected. Sandbox creates a virtual environment inside your PC and all the modifications made by the programs that run inside it will be undone at the end.

What’s New in 360 Total Security:

  • Added: identify the new Warcraft map worm.
  • Improved: Performance improvement.
  • Fixed: bug fixes.


  • Antivirus protection is the core of this security suite, but the engines that make this work are already Avira and BitDefender.
  • For those who need reliable protection, this is great news: these scanners have achieved excellent results in independent reviews.
  • There are three scan options: a fast scan, a custom scan and a full scan of the system.
  • There is also a built-in patch function that automatically checks installed programs to make sure they are not outdated or contain vulnerabilities.
  • If the system detects a program with an update available, the details of the update and a link to download the new version will appear.


  • Antivirus and Anti-malware.
  • Anti-Ransomware.
  • Sandbox.
  • Internet protection.
  • Protection of privacy.
  • Controller updater.
  • Firewall protection.
  • Antivirus protection for PC, laptop and mobile devices.
  • It protects against malware and spyware in real time.
  • It provides fast, complete and personalized scans.
  • Isolates and executes programs in a closed environment that will not affect your entire system.

Ease of use 360 Total Security:

  • Downloading Qihoo 360 Total Security involves a relatively simple two-step process an executable file is downloaded from the website, which then downloads the definitions and components that the program needs to run.
  • I like the fact that some of the additional modules like the ransomware decryption tool are not included immediately and, instead, have been downloaded after the initial installation is complete.
  • This helps maintain the size and speed of the initial discharge relatively manageable.
  • After installation, the tool is very easy to operate.
  • A notification icon keeps users aware of system alerts without being intrusive and the assortment of additional tools can be accessed from the “toolbox” menu.
  • In general, this is a very well designed piece of easy-to-use software.

360 Total Security Pricing:

  • The price of 360 Total Security includes two free packages and two paid license options for companies: 360 Business Essential and 360 Business Advanced.
  • The main difference between the plans is access to premium features, such as centralized management of multiple devices, live communication to all devices, remote tasks from the web and mobile devices, and more.

Summary of Positive 360 Total Security Reviews:

  • Users who gave 360 Total Security a positive review said it is reliable for monitoring files and detecting threats, as well as for removing malware and other viruses.
  • They are also happy that there are frequent updates and do not overload the computer system.
  • A user who gave 360 Total Security a positive review on G2 Crowd said the software is very easy to install and optimize.
  • He also noted that the software detects malware and other threats effectively in real time without overloading the PC’s memory.

Summary of Negative 360 Total Security Reviews:

  • Users who gave 360 Total Security a negative review said they would like to appear less frequently when using the software.
  • Some people also complained about false positive notices when running non-certified programs.
  • A user who gave 360 Total Security a negative review in G2 Crowd said they noticed that some security programs are marked as potential threats if they are not controlled.
  • He also noted that you can only access some tools if you pay for them.
  • Finally, I have complained about pop-ups and frequent advertisements that also disrupt your workflow.

System Optimization:

  • Although security software acts as an antivirus, it is also equipped with powerful tools that make the system run smoothly.
  • The software cleans the add-ons and junk files to free up space on the system disk so that users can use the space to save important files and documents.
  • It also allows users to disable startup items, application services, system services, scheduled tasks and anything that is unnecessary.

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